Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010!!!

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!!! This is a quick post today of my family!

Daddy, Valerie, Momma, Michaela, Gloria, Dayle, Jennifer and ME!!!! We had a wonderful day, the whole family together!

Momma says she's got a bunch of pictures to put here, but she's been posting most of them on my FaceBook (yes, dogs can so have their own FaceBook!!!).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Birthday Pictures!!!

AWOO-WOO-WOO!!!!!!!! Barkdays are FUN!!!!!!!

My Barkday was the funnest day EVER! When I woke up, Momma gave me my breakfast and then a big, fat meaty bone!!! She said she had some Valentine's Day business to take care of so she let me play in my office with my meaty bone till Daddy woke up.

Momma and Daddy gave me this thing they call a card. It's VERY Tasty!!! It says "Happy Birthday to a Spoiled Rotten Dog!!!"

I got to eat it on the couch!!

Then I got this really cool new toy!!! I didn't know at the time that it was just going to be one of SEVERAL today!!! It's certainly one of my favorites!!

It might be a big toy, but that doesn't stop me from running with it in my mouth!!! I just need to figure out how to race through some doorways with it without banging into both sides of the door first!!!
I love this toy!!! Momma calls this brand "Indestructible". I keep trying to rip it to pieces, but it's hard!!! This is a good "Play Tug!" toy for sure!!

In between playing with my new toys, I'd stop and take a dip in the pool!! Not for very long, though!!! The pool is only 58 degrees!!

Momma caught me doing my "Crazy Dog" routine! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!

Had to stop for another drink! Did you know you get more water in your mouth if you stick your whole FACE in the pool?? Efficiency!

Catch me, Momma!!! I got the rope!! Catch me!!!!!

The pool has enough room all the way around so I can use it like a track! Around and around and around and.....

Whatcha doin' over there?!?!?! I'm over HERE!!! Come get me!!!

Yep, Barkdays sure are fun!!! After I splashed around for a while, we had some company come over!!! I got a few more new toys and some new Bil Jack treats (I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Bil Jack treats!!!). Daddy made a Bar-Be-Que for dinner and Momma slipped me a few chunks of Tri Tip (ssshhhh!!!! Don't tell Daddy!!!). My Grrrls got me a really cool toy too!! They said it's for when we go to the dog park. Momma calls it "the Flingin' Thing" but it makes my tennis balls go REALLY far!!!! I love it!!! I get to run fast!!

After the company was done eating, I got to play some more... Momma gave me another special treat instead of my Kong and I went right to bed! Barkdays are EXHAUSTING!! I wonder when I can have another one!?!?!?!?

AWoo-woo-woo Everyone!!! I'm one year old now!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marleau is turning 1 Year Old!!

AWOO-WOO-WOO!!! I get to have a Barkday soon!!! My Momma says that its a special day and that I'm gonna get to officially be a Big Boy!!! I've never had a Barkday before!!!

Mommy was playing with her camera this morning, she says I'm a "Handsome Dude". What do YOU think??

I'll sit still for a minute as long as there's a TREAT involved!

Momma caught me in a moment of weakness... I'm lookin' all cute here!

Treat, treat TREAT!!! GIMME THE TREAT, Momma!!!!

You flashed in my face again, Momma. Do you HAVE to do this?
[note from Momma - Get over it, Marleau!!!]

Now that I'm a day or two shy of one whole year old, I'm practising my "Suave and Debonair" look. How am I doing?

If you hurry up and take this picture, Momma, I can turn back around and continue chomping on my meaty bone!!!

My Girls are putting on their shoes. Are you taking me for a walk???

They left and didn't take me for a walk. I. Am. Not. Impressed!

Well, they had better be bringing me home a treat since they left me behind!

Hey!! The Momma has a treat for me!!! Who knows what else she has for me!?!?!?!

YUMMY!!!!! Another one, Momma!!! Gimme another one!!! YUM!!!!

[Note from The Momma - the past 10 months that Marleau has been a part of our family have been absolutely wonderful!!! I can't remember what life was like pre-Marleau and I don't want to remember, either!! He's been my CuddleBug from the very first time I held him in my arms. He's spoiled rotten and I'm planning on making that the theme for his whole life!!! ]
So!!! I hear there are presents associated with this Barkday event, and I'll post again when its all over!!!!
HatTrick Marleau

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marleau's First Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I have learned that Santa Rocks! A-WOO-WOO to Santa!

The Mama put this tree up in the living room a few weeks ago, but she didn't fool me!!! I knew it wasn't real right away, but when she was all done putting stuff on it, it sure looked nice! Mama tells me I'm a really good boy because I didn't touch a single thing on the fake tree. She told Daddy that she was afraid she might have to put the x-pen around the tree if I got into stuff but it turns out that she didn't have to! YAY Me!

The Mama got my stocking down from the fireplace and there was STUFF IN THERE!!!! Mama let me get it out all by myself!

At first I thought it was REALLY silly that Santa would give a dog a stocking, but he must have been paying attention cuz it was full of all my favorite things!!!! There were even a few things in there I didn't KNOW were my favorite things!!!

I was trying to get my new yicky bone away from The Mama but she was determined to take the plastic off before she would let go! Boy did I give HER a fight!!!

Finally she got off all the plastic and I was a happy boy the rest of the day!

Every now and then, I'd go back and check my stocking and took out all the toys until The Mama promised me it was empty!

Santa also brought me some presents and put them UNDER the tree for ME!!! Santa must have thought I was a really good boy!!! I wonder if he knows about what I did to Mama's shoes??? Better keep that a secret!

The Mama also got some stuff for me to use! The Grrrrrls got her a tote bag that says "Dog Mom" on it. Mama says its to carry around all my stuff when we go for truck rides. I love truck rides!!! I hope we get to go for a truck ride again soon!!! WOOF!

All in all, I think this Santa guy is OK! I don't know how he got into the house without me smelling him, he's THAT good! But he sure knows what makes THIS puppy happy!!!

Thank you, Santa Claus!!!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Marleau turns 9 months old today!!!

Happy 9 Month Birthday to MEEEE!!!!!! And wouldn't you know it, today is Friday the 13th and I was BORN on Friday the 13th!!! That makes today EXTRA special!!!

The Momma was playing with her camera today while I was playing (but if her boss asks, she was REALLY working hard!! She wasn't playing AT ALL!!)

This is me playing in the living room while The Momma was on a conference call. I remembered to NOT bark while she was talking! YAY Me!

It had to be a very important meeting, The Momma kept tossing my rope around for me to catch! I'm good a catcher!

The Momma and I were sitting on the stairs and I was singing to her! I hear I'm not the only one to learn how to sing lately!!! Go Zak!! Can't wait to sing with you!

Lunchtime was outside time! I like outside time!! I get to eat more grass and strip more bark off the trees!!! See what the Mean Momma did?? See the X-Pen in front of the pool? Why does she want to stop me from going in the pool?? Who cares if the water temperature is only 45 degrees! Pools are FUN!!!

You can't catch me, Momma!!!!

But I'll stand here like a good boy until you give me a cookie!
OK now another one!! Gimme another cookie!!!
OK, just one more!! YAY!!!
OK Just one more (I could play this game all day!!!!)

Daddy made me lots of ropes! I have a couple in each room! They're fun! I like to tug! I am the MASTER at tugging!!

Waiting patiently for The Momma to come back downstairs... maybe she has cookies in her pocket!!

All in all, its been a good day! Who says bad things happen on Friday the 13th!?!?!?! Its an AWESOME DAY!!!!!
(From The Momma: Happy 9 Month Birthday, Marleau!!! I love you, you Brat!!!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hockey Day!!!

Hey!!! A-WOOOOOOF!!!!!

Hockey Day is like a family celebration in our house! My hoomans REALLY love this game, and they are SO NOISY!!!! They like this game so much they named me after one of their favorite players!!!

So yesterday was Hockey Day! Daddy dug out my jersey and OMG its so SMALL on me!!!! Remember when it was brand new and I swam in it?? Well Momma says its time to go get an XL jersey for me, now, cuz I'm such a big boy now!! I wore my old jersey anyways, even when Michaela laughed at me and said I looked like a Q-tip! :)

This is me and my Daddy in the back yard, waiting for the game to start. Daddy says I can't go in the pool with my jersey on. He said something about shrink-wrap and cutting me out.

Its just about time!!!! I had to go get my Squeeky racoon to come and watch with me!


Hey, are we gonna order pizza, Daddy?

YAY Michaela!!! Did you see that!!! My player scored a goal!!! Way to go Patrick Marleau!!!! What an awesome name he has!!! hehehe

Well, our team didn't end up winning the game, but we sure did have fun watching!!! I forgot that Momma yells so loud at the TV!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marleau Discovers Mud!

What do you mean I'm a Dirty Dog, Momma?? Mud is FUNNNN!!!!!!!!!

Love & Licks,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Dayz...

Happy Summer Everybody!!!

Momma's been pretty busy with this thing she called "Quarter End" and so she hasn't been able to help me get my blog updated!!! GRRRrrr!!!!

It's been a pretty fun summer so far!! In the past three weeks since I posted last, I've been what Momma calls "a going concern"!!!

Momma had a big birthday a couple weeks ago! She said its only a BIG birthday if it has a 5 or a O in it. She's not too happy about that O. I told her she looks awesome for 10 years old!!! LOL I just didn't mention to her that that's really 70 in dog years!!! HA HA Momma!!!

She had a nice party at our house and she invited my brother Halo and his sister Misa so that I would have someone to play with! She also invited Mikey the Pug but it was too hot outside for him. Mikey isn't used to the heat, so we played together in the house! It was FUN!!

This is me and my brother Halo. We were born in the same litter. Halo was fun to play with! I can't wait to do it again!!

Every now and then, Halo and I took a break from wrestling to catch our breaths. I'm not used to playing so hard!! WOOT!! Bring it on, Bro!!

Momma says we look cute here taking a nap together. I'm trying to convince her that we're just faking each other out but she's not buying it!

After Momma's birthday was done, The Girls set up this really cool tent in our backyard! Do you know those Girls got to sleep OUTSIDE!!! I think I need a tent of my own so I can sleep outside too! [Momma is shaking her head No... looks like I gotta lay on the charm!] The Girls let me come with them inside the tent for a little while. It was FUN!!

Last week end, Momma and Daddy let me play in the pool! Momma says I probably sink like a rock. I say it was REALLY hot outside and THIS felt good!!!!

Don't I just LOOK all nice and cool now??? Uht Oh!!! There's an evil TOWEL coming my way!! Better RUN!!!!!!

This is me just the other day. The magic Sprinklers came on while I was outside and I got SOAKED!!! I love the magic sprinklers! They come on 3 times a day like clockwork!!!

This is me relaxing under Momma's chair. It's still pretty warm outside on this day, so I sometimes just run out, grab a toy and then drag it back under Momma's chair!

And finally, this is me exhausted!!! I played so hard this day!! That's my "hockey-puss" there. Momma calls it "Indestructable". I just call it fun!!!
Well, that's about all I have time for tonight! Momma says its time to go stuff my kong and go to bed. She says I'm growing up SOOOO fast! I'll be 21 weeks old in a couple days. That's not old at all!!!!
Night Night everyone!!!
PS - My sister Athena has a new forever home!!! She gets two big Sammies to play with and I hear she's gonna be "pampered". YAY for Athena!!!