Saturday, June 13, 2009

Truck Rides!!

Hey! Wanna know what's even MORE fun than playing in the sprinkler? TRUCK RIDES!!!

Truck rides are fun cuz you never know where you're gonna end up, but when I go with Mommy, I just KNOW its gonna be some place fun!!!

I was scared of truck rides at first cuz every time we'd go in the truck, we were on our way to the vet! I like my vet, but its not exactly the most FUN place in the world!!

And THEN!!! Mommy put me in the truck a couple Saturdays ago and I didn't want to go! I'm so glad she made me go cuz the first place we went was to Pampered Paws in Tracy. They were SO NICE to me there! They gave me treats and told me how sweet and how CUTE I was! Then they gave me a pedicure, more treats and then we got back in the truck!

Our next stop was this smelly place called Starbucks. We drove up to the window and this really nice guy gave me a cup of Starbucks ice! How did he know I love ice cubes!!! Starbucks is my new favorite place!!!

Where to next??? The PetCo store!!! WOO-WOO!!! I got to go inside and everything!! Mommy let me pick out a new toy all by myself. That's where I got my hedgehog. It squeeks REAL LOUD! PetCo is my new favorite place!!

Then last week end, Mommy took me for a REALLY LONG truck ride! When we got to the place we were going, we walked a loooong ways in this gravelly stuff and OMG!!! There were SO MANY DOGS THERE!!!! Did you know dogs sometimes come in COLORS???? Mommy said this place was called WoofStock.

After we passed all the colorful dogs there, guess who we saw?!?!?! NANA CLU and NANA SHELLIE and AUNTIE JOAN!!! And there were people there who even knew who I was!!! Mommy called them "fans" cuz they follow my blogs. So here's a special AWoo-woo-woo to Don and Belle! He was so nice to me!! Mommy says she met so many people there that she can't remember all their names but there were a couple more people who knew who I was because of my blog, so AWoo-Woo-Woo!!! to them too!!!!

We went to see Nana Clu and Nana Shellie on the really long truck ride 2 days in a row. I got to hang out with my half-brother Zack (who didn't seem to notice me much) and Cami, and Poppy and Montana and Shelby! It was so much fun!!!!

Another really fun place to fo in the truck is to Puppy class!!! We started that this past week and I had a lot of fun! I already knew how to do the SIT and DOWN parts, so we worked on CATCH and WAIT. All of a sudden, Mommy took me off my leash at puppy class and said I could go play with all the other puppies. They sure looked like they were having a lot of fun, I liked watching them. Mommy thought it was funny when I hopped up on the chair so I could see better, but the instructor lady thought I should be playing with the other puppies.

Top Notch Dogs in Modesto is a really fun place! Mommy says we're going back on Thursday. I don't know when Thursday is, but I hope it comes fast!!!! Top Notch Dogs is my new favorite place!!!

Today we went for another truck ride. Daddy, Mommy and me went to the park and had a pick-nick. That just means we sat on a blanket under a tree and ate yummy food. It was really fun! We went to Starbucks afterward and Daddy got lost in the Home Depot store for an hour. It was OK, though, cuz Mommy and I stayed in the truck and drank our Starbucks.

Well, I'm really tired and Mommy & Daddy are getting ready to go out on a date (without me, if you can imagine that!!!) so I gotta go bug my girls.

Truck rides are my new favorite thing!!!

Sprinkler Fun!!

Mommy says a picture is worth a thousand words! That's a good thing cuz all I have to say is ...

Next water play at 8:00pm!!!