Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marleau's First Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I have learned that Santa Rocks! A-WOO-WOO to Santa!

The Mama put this tree up in the living room a few weeks ago, but she didn't fool me!!! I knew it wasn't real right away, but when she was all done putting stuff on it, it sure looked nice! Mama tells me I'm a really good boy because I didn't touch a single thing on the fake tree. She told Daddy that she was afraid she might have to put the x-pen around the tree if I got into stuff but it turns out that she didn't have to! YAY Me!

The Mama got my stocking down from the fireplace and there was STUFF IN THERE!!!! Mama let me get it out all by myself!

At first I thought it was REALLY silly that Santa would give a dog a stocking, but he must have been paying attention cuz it was full of all my favorite things!!!! There were even a few things in there I didn't KNOW were my favorite things!!!

I was trying to get my new yicky bone away from The Mama but she was determined to take the plastic off before she would let go! Boy did I give HER a fight!!!

Finally she got off all the plastic and I was a happy boy the rest of the day!

Every now and then, I'd go back and check my stocking and took out all the toys until The Mama promised me it was empty!

Santa also brought me some presents and put them UNDER the tree for ME!!! Santa must have thought I was a really good boy!!! I wonder if he knows about what I did to Mama's shoes??? Better keep that a secret!

The Mama also got some stuff for me to use! The Grrrrrls got her a tote bag that says "Dog Mom" on it. Mama says its to carry around all my stuff when we go for truck rides. I love truck rides!!! I hope we get to go for a truck ride again soon!!! WOOF!

All in all, I think this Santa guy is OK! I don't know how he got into the house without me smelling him, he's THAT good! But he sure knows what makes THIS puppy happy!!!

Thank you, Santa Claus!!!!