Thursday, April 30, 2009

My First Week

Well, I think I'm learning what "Spoiled Rotten" means! LOL

Dayle and Michaela and Gloria are my puppy sitters during the week when Mommy and Daddy are at work. They are so much fun!! My first full day in my forever home, they set my x-pen up in the front yard and I got to meet all of the neighbours!

Sometimes we just sit and chill and watch a movie. Dayle is a good cuddler! She lets me hang all over her!

Most of the time, though, during the daytime, I get to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! Mommy made me some toys to play with and the Girls get down on the floor with me!

Sometimes they take me for walks, too! Like yesterday, they took me all the way to the park!!
[for the record, the park is 2 blocks away].
Its the farthest I've walked so far! I think I like walking at lunchtime better than at 530 in the morning (Crazy Mommy!)

Here's one of the topys Mommy made for me. These are about the only toys she'll let me try to rip limb from limb!
Mommy says its pretty easy to make my toys. You just get 1/2 a yard of good fleece in my favorite colors, cut three strips about an inch wide each. Then she says you gotta fold them in half, that's what makes it so strong! Then just tie one end in a big fat knot, braid the double strips till it's as long as you want it. You finish it off by tying another big fat knot at the other end and cutting off the scraps, leaving about an inch or so at the ends so I have something I can bite on!
As an added bonus, Mommy says you take those scraps and cut them till they're all the same length. Then tie them in one great big knot and leave the ends to fly! I have the knot toy in the picture above. If I shake it REALLY hard, it can fly all the way across the room!!

Mommy learned really quick that I'm no stranger to sleeping in a bed!! She says I'm a wiggly worm, but really I'm just trying to push everyone so far out of the way that I get the whole bed to myself!! Hehehe Smarter than the average pup, I am!! This is me telling Mommy I'm not going to give her back her pillow until she shares her popcorn!
Well, Mommy says her lunch break is over and the Girls are back with her coffee so I gotta get out of her office so she can bang on the squares. I think I need a potty break, anyway!
Talk to you all soon!!
Dayle says I can add this video she took of us doing quiet play in the living room! She was tickling my toes and I was charming her with my cuteness!

See you soon!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to my new Blog Site!


My name is Hat Trick Marleau Minasi, but you can call me Marleau! I was born on Friday, February 13th, 2009 and I went to live with my forever family just last night on Sunday, April 26th, 2009. I'm really happy to be in my new family!! But let me show you how we met!

This is my Nana Clu! She knows both my Canine Mommy & Daddy very well! She says that my Canine Mommy & Daddy were so well suited for each other that they would produce beautiful babies and guess what! She was right (if I do say so myself!!)!! The day this picture was taken, I was 10 weeks and 2 days old and I was getting ready to go to my forever home. It was a really long car ride for a little guy like me and my Mommy says I was worth the wait!

These are my hooman sisters, Dayle and Gloria. I didn't know it when this picture was taken, though! Dayle and Gloria were a lot of fun to play with while we waited for that nice lady to finish evaluating my litter mates and I!

This is my hooman Mommy. She called me a CuddleBug and she tells me I was her favorite puppy in the whole bunch and that's why she brought me home.

I like a Mommy who knows how to cuddle!!

And this is my hooman Daddy. He's so much fun!! He gets down on the floor and plays with me and he's always telling me what a Good Boy I am!

Daddy tells me that I was named after a famous hockey player. I don't know what hockey is yet, but Daddy tells me there are sticks involved! If that's true, I just know I'm gonna like hockey, whatever it is!!!

These are my litter mates, my Nana Clu, Nana Shellie, Auntie Debbie and my Mommy and Daddy. That's me there with Nana Shellie!

I just knew my Mommy was going to pick me!! This is us sitting in the grass. You can't see her face, but she's pretty happy here and I think she was even crying a little bit when she picked me! I don't know what "Spoiled Rotten" means, but I hope it's a good thing cuz Mommy says that's what I'm gonna be soon!

Mommy and Daddy and my 2 Nana's had some talking to do so I brought Dayle this stick. I wasn't sure she knew what to do with it, being a hooman and all, but she learned fast!

And even though she learned fast, she just wouldn't put the stick in her mouth!!! I can tell I've got a lot of training to do with this hooman girl!

It was a really long day and I was so happy that Daddy cuddled with me on the floor. He must have been as comfy as I was cuz he fell asleep right before I did.

Mommy put me in my crate after a while and that was nice cuz I have a really soft, squishy blankie in there and this Kong thing that's filled with yummy peanut butter! I think I'm gonna love peanut butter!!!

Well, that's about all I have to tell you right now. My paws are getting tired from stomping all over this things with squares. Mommy and Daddy should be home from work soon and I'm gonna learn what this hockey thing is. They tell me we're gonna watch it on TV when they get home!

Have a good night!!