Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and My Kong

Mommy caught me when I wasn't paying attention today and made me this video. Mommy was working from home today and she said I was such a good boy playing so quiet while she was working so she stuffed my Kong with some yummy treats!

I like it when Mommy works from home!

Its late and I can barely keep my eyes open.... the cool tile floor is calling my name!!



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playing in the Backyard

Hello!! What a wonderfully warm day it was outside today!!! I got to chew on lots of ice cubes! Ice cubes are great and we have a magic ice maker in the food place! Its wonderful!!!

When Mommy and Daddy got home from work today, they played with me outside. The Girls came out and played, too, since Mommy is still hobbling around! Mommy said it was OK that she wasn't able to play with us, she said she was having fun all by herself taking pictures!!

So, these were taken today (May 18/09), right before dinner.

I am one Handsome Dude!!! I think I look a little bit like my canine Daddy, Luke, in this picture!!

This is my favorite toy in my toy box! My racoon!

Should I jump in again??? Maybe I might wanna re-think that one!! I jumped in earlier today and all I got was another torture session complete with BRUSHES and a BLOW DRYER!!! That's why I'm so POOFY tonight! The Girls gave me another BATH!!! UGH!

This is me, contemplating my decision to NOT jump in! The bath and the blow dryer once in one day is MORE than enough for me!!!

Poofy or not, I'm still too cute for words!!! And don't I just look so sweet and innocent?!?!?
I've been practising THAT look!!

Action Shot! Look out, Gloria! Here I come!!!

If I sit here looking all poofy and sweet long enough, maybe I'll get another ice cube!

You wanna give me another ice cube! I just KNOW you do!!

You can't catch me!!!!

Thinking it over... one more time.... it looks SOOO tempting...
Evil shampoo... evil brushing.. evil blow dryer...
Nope, not tempting enough!!!

My comfy cushion! It stays outside so that I can sit on it whenever I want! Its great for chewing ice cubes on, since they don't slip and slide off!
Well, that's about all I have the energy for! I went to the park today, but I'll have to save THAT blog for later!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Random Photos....

These are just some random pictures Mommy thought was cute. I'm too sleepy to stomp all over Mommy's laptop so I'm gonna let her help me with this one while I cuddle with her on the couch.

Just this once, though!! Mommy has her OWN blog she could be working on! :)

This is my Daddy. He bought me my very first Sharks jersey. Mommy and Daddy are huge hockey fans and they named me after the Captain of the San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau. Mommy says she's partial to goalies but she couldn't name me Nabby cuz she yells at him too many times during a game and she thought it might confuse me.

I like my new jersey!! I don't think any other dog in my neighbourhood has one as nice as mine!!

This is me laying on the kitchen floor trying to take my very important afternoon nap. Dayle and Gloria are both taking a photography class and they have fun taking my picture. I didn't like the bright flashes at first, but I've gotten used to them! Everyone likes to take my picture! And why wouldn't they? I'm too cute for words!!

This is me while the Girls were TORTURING me!!! Can you see the indignities I had to put up with here? And I thought they LOVED me!!! UGH! I'm a dog, and I'm SUPPOSED to smell like a dog! Don't they know that!!! I bet my Nana Clu will have something to say to them over THIS act of brutality!!

= This is me AFTER my torture session. Gloria says I am so very soft and she cuddled with me for a while. I was still full of brattiness after my bath, though! Look what they did to me! I'm all POOFY! Mommy says I'm not her "Stinky Dog" anymore and that she likes me all POOFY. UGH!!! I'm a boy, Mommy! I'm SUPPOSED to be smelly!!!

Well, that's about it for tonight! Mommy is getting her crutches out and says she's ready to go to bed, so I gotta help her get to the bedroom. I think I'll grab some of her pillows and get them out of the way for her! I bet if I drag them to every corner of the room, she won't trip over them on her way to bed!
I'm so helpful, ain't I?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Settled In!

Well, its been a while since I've had a minute to post anything! I sure have been keeping my new family busy! I've been Home now for almost 3 weeks and I like my daily routines.

In the morning when I wake up, Mommy lets me run around outside in the back yard and I get to BARK BARK BARK! at all the birds! I like it when they fly away! The birds let me chse them right up to the house! But then they tease me cuz they're all sitting on the roof and making lots of noise but I can't get them up there!

Breakfast is yummy! Mommy gives me my yogurt first. I LOVE yogurt! Its even better than peanut butter, I think. It doesn't get all goopy in my mouth! and after breakfast, sometimes I get to go for a walk around the block. Mommy makes me wait, though, until after the coffee pot thing is done gurgling and she takes some with her.

After our walk, its time to go wake up the Girls! Mommy says that's a VERY important thing for me to do! So up the stairs we go! I'm really good at going up the stairs! The Girls take turns at getting woke up by me. Mommy helps me get up on their beds and I have to bounce all over them and BARK BARK BARK until they open their eyes! The best part is when they see me there, they cuddle with me! I love cuddles! Mommy says I'm just a big fluffy CuddleBug!

After Mommy and Daddy leave for work, I get to hang out with the Girls all day! They play with me all morning! Dayle even learned how to play tug o'war. It took me FOREVER to get her to do it right with the toy in her mouth!! Lazy Girl just kept hanging on to it with her paws! That's cheating! :)

All afternoon long, I take naps. Naps are very important, don't you know! Growing pups like me need lots of naps! I like taking a nap under the kitchen table cuz the floor is nice and cool in there. Michaela lets me snuggle with her on the couch sometimes but I'm not supposed to tell Mommy how long I actually stay up there! Gloria cuddles with me on the floor to take naps when she gets home from school or from work. I like Gloria, she has long nails for scratching and she knows all the right places!!

The Girls take me for walks to the park in the afternoons when it isn't too hot outside. Know what's really great about the park? There's a WATERFALL!! Michaela took me there just yesterday and she let me go in it! I climbed up on a rock all by myself and sat there trying to catch the splashes! What fun!!! I got all wet! I was really tired when we got home from the park, so I took a nap with my bunny.

When Mommy is home, she likes to be outside so I go out and play with her. I help her with her flowers and she chases me! There's lots of bark for me to dig in, she chases me then, too! When Daddy goes outside after work, he takes out the garden hose and I get to help him water the flowers and the grass. He needs my help pulling the garden hose out of the box. He says I'm a big boy and I'm a really good helper! The sprayer part is evil, though! I was chewing on it and all of a sudden all this water started shooting into my face! UGH!

Well, its time to go back under Mommy's chair and have a nap. She says she has a meeting thing to do and I need to be very quiet so that no one finds out that she's not sitting in her office, she's really hanging out with me outside.

Before I sign off, though, Mommy is going to put a video of us here! Daddy bought me my very own Sharks jersey!!! Here we are trying it on!!

Mommy has lots of pictures of me!! She said she's gonna try to get a few of them posted here for me soon. They're all cute, of course!! :)