Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Dayz...

Happy Summer Everybody!!!

Momma's been pretty busy with this thing she called "Quarter End" and so she hasn't been able to help me get my blog updated!!! GRRRrrr!!!!

It's been a pretty fun summer so far!! In the past three weeks since I posted last, I've been what Momma calls "a going concern"!!!

Momma had a big birthday a couple weeks ago! She said its only a BIG birthday if it has a 5 or a O in it. She's not too happy about that O. I told her she looks awesome for 10 years old!!! LOL I just didn't mention to her that that's really 70 in dog years!!! HA HA Momma!!!

She had a nice party at our house and she invited my brother Halo and his sister Misa so that I would have someone to play with! She also invited Mikey the Pug but it was too hot outside for him. Mikey isn't used to the heat, so we played together in the house! It was FUN!!

This is me and my brother Halo. We were born in the same litter. Halo was fun to play with! I can't wait to do it again!!

Every now and then, Halo and I took a break from wrestling to catch our breaths. I'm not used to playing so hard!! WOOT!! Bring it on, Bro!!

Momma says we look cute here taking a nap together. I'm trying to convince her that we're just faking each other out but she's not buying it!

After Momma's birthday was done, The Girls set up this really cool tent in our backyard! Do you know those Girls got to sleep OUTSIDE!!! I think I need a tent of my own so I can sleep outside too! [Momma is shaking her head No... looks like I gotta lay on the charm!] The Girls let me come with them inside the tent for a little while. It was FUN!!

Last week end, Momma and Daddy let me play in the pool! Momma says I probably sink like a rock. I say it was REALLY hot outside and THIS felt good!!!!

Don't I just LOOK all nice and cool now??? Uht Oh!!! There's an evil TOWEL coming my way!! Better RUN!!!!!!

This is me just the other day. The magic Sprinklers came on while I was outside and I got SOAKED!!! I love the magic sprinklers! They come on 3 times a day like clockwork!!!

This is me relaxing under Momma's chair. It's still pretty warm outside on this day, so I sometimes just run out, grab a toy and then drag it back under Momma's chair!

And finally, this is me exhausted!!! I played so hard this day!! That's my "hockey-puss" there. Momma calls it "Indestructable". I just call it fun!!!
Well, that's about all I have time for tonight! Momma says its time to go stuff my kong and go to bed. She says I'm growing up SOOOO fast! I'll be 21 weeks old in a couple days. That's not old at all!!!!
Night Night everyone!!!
PS - My sister Athena has a new forever home!!! She gets two big Sammies to play with and I hear she's gonna be "pampered". YAY for Athena!!!

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