Friday, October 2, 2009

Hockey Day!!!

Hey!!! A-WOOOOOOF!!!!!

Hockey Day is like a family celebration in our house! My hoomans REALLY love this game, and they are SO NOISY!!!! They like this game so much they named me after one of their favorite players!!!

So yesterday was Hockey Day! Daddy dug out my jersey and OMG its so SMALL on me!!!! Remember when it was brand new and I swam in it?? Well Momma says its time to go get an XL jersey for me, now, cuz I'm such a big boy now!! I wore my old jersey anyways, even when Michaela laughed at me and said I looked like a Q-tip! :)

This is me and my Daddy in the back yard, waiting for the game to start. Daddy says I can't go in the pool with my jersey on. He said something about shrink-wrap and cutting me out.

Its just about time!!!! I had to go get my Squeeky racoon to come and watch with me!


Hey, are we gonna order pizza, Daddy?

YAY Michaela!!! Did you see that!!! My player scored a goal!!! Way to go Patrick Marleau!!!! What an awesome name he has!!! hehehe

Well, our team didn't end up winning the game, but we sure did have fun watching!!! I forgot that Momma yells so loud at the TV!!!

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  1. Great pictures. Now you have to freeze over that pool and teach him to skate.
    Todd O