Friday, November 13, 2009

Marleau turns 9 months old today!!!

Happy 9 Month Birthday to MEEEE!!!!!! And wouldn't you know it, today is Friday the 13th and I was BORN on Friday the 13th!!! That makes today EXTRA special!!!

The Momma was playing with her camera today while I was playing (but if her boss asks, she was REALLY working hard!! She wasn't playing AT ALL!!)

This is me playing in the living room while The Momma was on a conference call. I remembered to NOT bark while she was talking! YAY Me!

It had to be a very important meeting, The Momma kept tossing my rope around for me to catch! I'm good a catcher!

The Momma and I were sitting on the stairs and I was singing to her! I hear I'm not the only one to learn how to sing lately!!! Go Zak!! Can't wait to sing with you!

Lunchtime was outside time! I like outside time!! I get to eat more grass and strip more bark off the trees!!! See what the Mean Momma did?? See the X-Pen in front of the pool? Why does she want to stop me from going in the pool?? Who cares if the water temperature is only 45 degrees! Pools are FUN!!!

You can't catch me, Momma!!!!

But I'll stand here like a good boy until you give me a cookie!
OK now another one!! Gimme another cookie!!!
OK, just one more!! YAY!!!
OK Just one more (I could play this game all day!!!!)

Daddy made me lots of ropes! I have a couple in each room! They're fun! I like to tug! I am the MASTER at tugging!!

Waiting patiently for The Momma to come back downstairs... maybe she has cookies in her pocket!!

All in all, its been a good day! Who says bad things happen on Friday the 13th!?!?!?! Its an AWESOME DAY!!!!!
(From The Momma: Happy 9 Month Birthday, Marleau!!! I love you, you Brat!!!)

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  1. Happy birthday, Marleau - you are growing into one handsome dude. You remind me a lot of our Shania -