Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marleau is turning 1 Year Old!!

AWOO-WOO-WOO!!! I get to have a Barkday soon!!! My Momma says that its a special day and that I'm gonna get to officially be a Big Boy!!! I've never had a Barkday before!!!

Mommy was playing with her camera this morning, she says I'm a "Handsome Dude". What do YOU think??

I'll sit still for a minute as long as there's a TREAT involved!

Momma caught me in a moment of weakness... I'm lookin' all cute here!

Treat, treat TREAT!!! GIMME THE TREAT, Momma!!!!

You flashed in my face again, Momma. Do you HAVE to do this?
[note from Momma - Get over it, Marleau!!!]

Now that I'm a day or two shy of one whole year old, I'm practising my "Suave and Debonair" look. How am I doing?

If you hurry up and take this picture, Momma, I can turn back around and continue chomping on my meaty bone!!!

My Girls are putting on their shoes. Are you taking me for a walk???

They left and didn't take me for a walk. I. Am. Not. Impressed!

Well, they had better be bringing me home a treat since they left me behind!

Hey!! The Momma has a treat for me!!! Who knows what else she has for me!?!?!?!

YUMMY!!!!! Another one, Momma!!! Gimme another one!!! YUM!!!!

[Note from The Momma - the past 10 months that Marleau has been a part of our family have been absolutely wonderful!!! I can't remember what life was like pre-Marleau and I don't want to remember, either!! He's been my CuddleBug from the very first time I held him in my arms. He's spoiled rotten and I'm planning on making that the theme for his whole life!!! ]
So!!! I hear there are presents associated with this Barkday event, and I'll post again when its all over!!!!
HatTrick Marleau

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