Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Birthday Pictures!!!

AWOO-WOO-WOO!!!!!!!! Barkdays are FUN!!!!!!!

My Barkday was the funnest day EVER! When I woke up, Momma gave me my breakfast and then a big, fat meaty bone!!! She said she had some Valentine's Day business to take care of so she let me play in my office with my meaty bone till Daddy woke up.

Momma and Daddy gave me this thing they call a card. It's VERY Tasty!!! It says "Happy Birthday to a Spoiled Rotten Dog!!!"

I got to eat it on the couch!!

Then I got this really cool new toy!!! I didn't know at the time that it was just going to be one of SEVERAL today!!! It's certainly one of my favorites!!

It might be a big toy, but that doesn't stop me from running with it in my mouth!!! I just need to figure out how to race through some doorways with it without banging into both sides of the door first!!!
I love this toy!!! Momma calls this brand "Indestructible". I keep trying to rip it to pieces, but it's hard!!! This is a good "Play Tug!" toy for sure!!

In between playing with my new toys, I'd stop and take a dip in the pool!! Not for very long, though!!! The pool is only 58 degrees!!

Momma caught me doing my "Crazy Dog" routine! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!

Had to stop for another drink! Did you know you get more water in your mouth if you stick your whole FACE in the pool?? Efficiency!

Catch me, Momma!!! I got the rope!! Catch me!!!!!

The pool has enough room all the way around so I can use it like a track! Around and around and around and.....

Whatcha doin' over there?!?!?! I'm over HERE!!! Come get me!!!

Yep, Barkdays sure are fun!!! After I splashed around for a while, we had some company come over!!! I got a few more new toys and some new Bil Jack treats (I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Bil Jack treats!!!). Daddy made a Bar-Be-Que for dinner and Momma slipped me a few chunks of Tri Tip (ssshhhh!!!! Don't tell Daddy!!!). My Grrrls got me a really cool toy too!! They said it's for when we go to the dog park. Momma calls it "the Flingin' Thing" but it makes my tennis balls go REALLY far!!!! I love it!!! I get to run fast!!

After the company was done eating, I got to play some more... Momma gave me another special treat instead of my Kong and I went right to bed! Barkdays are EXHAUSTING!! I wonder when I can have another one!?!?!?!?

AWoo-woo-woo Everyone!!! I'm one year old now!!!


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